How to Measure

How to Measure for your Dress Size

How to measure for your Dress size: Bust - Waist - Hip  Read Carefully

We prefer you get help with measuring, such as a seamstress. If you measure yourself, please use a mirror and possibly help from family or friend.

  • Measuring Your Bust
    • Take the tap around your back
    • Bring it across to the fullest part of your bust (over your bra, but not a sports bra)
    • Record that 37"
  • Measuring Your Waist:
    • Wrap the tap around your waist (located an inch above your belly button or where you curve in when you bend to the side, like a teacup!)
    • Pull snug, but not tight.
    • Record that 29"
  • Measuring Your Hips:
    • Loop the tape completely around your buttocks and thighs at the fullest part.
    • Pull snug, but not tight.
    • Record that 39"

Once you have all 3 measurements, look at the size chart that matches the dress you wish to order.  Match them accordingly to the size.  Such as your bust might put you in the 10 and your waist in the size 8, and your hips in a 10.  We would recommend going with the size 10, because gowns can not normally be let out to fit.  But gowns can always be taken in.

Extra tips:

  • When measuring over undergarments, keep the tape level and pull it together, but not too tight.
  • If you will be wearing any special bra or undergarments with your dress, put those on and then take your measurements. 
  • Formal gowns run smaller (typically 1-2 sizes) than normal clothing. And every designer has their own size chart. So you might wear a size 8 from one designer, a 10 from another designer and a 12 from another.

Any questions, feel free to call or email us.  1-888-324-4513  or [email protected]