About MyFormals

Hello, and welcome to MyFormals Webstore & Shop! 

We are a mother/daughter team bringing you Amazing dresses since 1988.  Katy our in-store prom dress designer, is ready to show you her designs in store as well as on our website.  Katy has been designing prom dresses for over 5 years now, and has an eye for gowns that fit and make you feel beautiful.  You'll find gowns on our website and our physical shop in all sizes, all price ranges and all styles.  We love to see our customer's eyes light up when she finds the Perfect prom dress or a pageant gown or even a short homecoming dress!  Here at MyFormals in Litchfield, customers come first.  Remember, it's all about the dress....and of course that means you!  From Bloomington IL, to St. Louis, MO and Champaign, IL to Alton, IL, our Central Illinois customers are finding their formal dress here in Litchfield at MyFormals. Individual mirrors, plenty of seating for your family and friends and of course our famous Lighted Glam Mirrors to show you off in the best light.  Visit today, or feel free to purchase on our website. Either way, we're happy you've joined us here at MyFormals.

Here are some FAQ's to help you:

    Our Brick & Mortar Store FAQ's

Q. How should I prepare to shop at MyFormals?

A. We love to have customers in our store, our Dressing rooms are first come, first serve. Weekends are always the busiest, but we always get everyone in a room.  Mondays & Thursdays are our late nights 12pm-8pm.  But not to worry, if your room is not ready, we have a brand new boutique to shop in.  It's called MyFormals Boutique.  All of your friends and family will be able to shop in the boutique, with clothing & gifts for all ages.  We have mirrors for all of our dressing rooms, and of course the Lighted Glam Mirrors for your "I'd Said Yes to the Dress" Moment!!!  Bring your ideas, pictures and a smile!  We will be ready with over 1500 gowns for you to choose from.  From size 000 to size 30+, we're sure you'll find a gown in your size!

Q. When should I start shopping for my event?

A. Now!  LOL, honestly you can shop for your dress for your event whenever you wish.  We do recommend the earlier the better. That gives you the best selection, the time to get alterations done and of course peace of mind that you've got YOUR DRESS!!  

Q. What is your Return Policy?

A. All items purchased in our store are sold as a Final Sale. No Refunds, No Store Credit.

Q. Do you register gowns to schools?

A. Today's customer has access to millions of gowns that can be purchased with a click online from thousands of "online stores". With that in mind, MyFormals does not register prom gowns. With the huge emergence of Online Selling, we would be making a promise that we could not keep.  We Believe if you LOVE the gown, you should be able to purchase that gown and look AMAZING!!

Q. Can I check stock over the phone or call to see if a dress is available to try on?

A. Great Question! Yes, of course!  We're happy to help you over the phone with any questions you might have.  But keep in mind, that what is available at that moment when you call can change within minutes.  You can always buy on our website, but if you want to try on before you buy, come in as soon as you can!!  Gowns sell out quickly, not only in our store, but from the manufacturers as well.

Q. What form of payment do you accept in the store?

A. We accept: Cash, Checks (with ID), Credit cards, Debit cards.

Q. When are you open?

Monday 11am-6pm

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday 11am-7pm

Thursday 11am-6pm

Friday 11am-6pm

Saturday 10am-5pm

Sunday Closed

We are closed these Holidays each year:  

New Years Eve  

New Years Day  

Easter Sunday  

Memorial Day

4th of July

Labor Day (Monday)

Thanksgiving Day (Thursday)

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

 Q. Alterations, do we have, and who pays for Alterations?

A. Another great question!  We do Not offer in-house seamstresses. At MyFormals we have a list of local area seamstresses who can take care of any of your alteration needs.  Of course if you have a seamstress you always work with, feel free to work with her/him. Most formalwear dresses need alterations, so don't be surprised.  You'll want to look AMAZING at your event, so make sure you get your dress altered to fit you, and of course you will be responsible for the payment of any alteration fees you incur.  While we can give you a ballpark figure to get an idea of the cost, it's always each individual seamstresses who decide the cost. 

Q. Do you offer Gift Cards?

A. Yes!  How cool is that?  So if you want to send family or friends in to buy those for you, we're happy to help them...that way you can come in later and find your perfect dress, or items from our boutique.

Q. Are you an authorized retailer?

A. Yes we are!  We've been working with many of our companies for 30 years.  The lines we carry we believe offer a great value for your money.  We don't carry all the lines, but the ones we carry are really great to work with and offer awesome dresses & clothing.

Q. Are the prices the same on your website and in your store?

A. Yes, they are the same.


 Our Online Store FAQ's 

Q. How do I place an Order for my Dress?

A. Once you've found the dress you love, click on it to select it. Then you will be taken to the product page and you'll see size and colors available.  Make sure you look at their size chart in order to purchase the correct size. And then select the "Add to Cart" button. And then you can check out anytime by going to your cart.  

Q. How do I choose my Size?

A. Awesome question!  We recommend that you have a seamstress or someone who is familiar with measuring for a gown help to get your measurements taken.  We will need your Bust, Waist & Hip measurement. You want to make sure you get an accurate measurement. You'll want to choose a size that fits your largest measurements.  Almost all gowns can NOT be let out, but can be taken in to fit.  MyFormals is Not responsible for the size you choose.  If you have questions, please call us 1-217-324-4513   Each company has their own size chart, so make sure you look at their size chart to determine the size you want to order.  Remember there are no returns.

Q. When should my gown ship?  When will it arrive?

A. All gowns that are in stock (in our store) will ship out within 72 hours.  Gowns that are in stock at the manufacturer will ship out within 72 hours and once it arrives in our store, we will ship out within 24 hours.  Once your gown ships, You can expect to receive your gown/items within 1-7 days, depending on what region of the country you are in.  Please email us or call with any questions!

Q. Can I return my gown if I don't like it?

We're sorry, there is a no refund/no return policy on items from our website. All items will be triple checked for accuracy and errors. We look over the gown and check for any flaws, we will not ship a dress with flaws.  If however there is an error with a dress,(such as wrong size, wrong color or wrong style) we offer an exchange within 3 days of the delivery of your order. 

All of our dresses go through quality control before being shipped out to you. All beaded/sequined garments are hand sewn, therefore bead patterns may be inconsistent.  We are not responsible for minor shifts in beadwork that may take place in shipping or trying on. This is NOT considered damaged. Please be advised that beadwork/sequins can only be attached in many instances with only one thread making the dress very susceptible to bead loss during shipping and normal wear.

Return requirements for wrong item: 

  • Return requirements for wrong item: 

    • Please email a request for return within 3 days of delivery, but not after your wear date. [email protected]
    • A shipping label will be sent to you'd via email and must be shipped back to us within 3 days of receiving the label. 
    • Dress must be in the same condition as received with ALL original tags and bags attached/covering dress.
    • Dress must not have been worn, no stains, no deodorant or no perfume.
    • Items shipped back not within time frame, or damaged, or tags/bag missing will be refused or shipped back to you. Then no online store credit will be issued. 
    • If we are able to send you an identical replacement then no further charges will be made.  We will let you know when to expect delivery of replacement item.
    • If item is not available to replace your original item, then you will be issued an online store credit to be used within 1 year.